Read Hebrews 4

Since the promise of entering his rest still stands, let us be careful that none of you be found to have fallen short of it.Hebrews 4:1

Sometimes people live their lives hoping that things will go their way and that they will have good luck.

Those who are in Christ have a much better hope. We have eternal, unchanging promises of God. In Christ, we know all God’s promises have been answered YES. In Christ, we have something far better than relying on luck. We have been made heirs to the family inheritance, made eternally rich by God.

This inheritance, which the writer of Hebrews refers to as our “rest,” is compared to the land inheritance that God had promised to Israel. But the Israelites’ “prize” wasn’t initially claimed. Because they feared the inhabitants of the land, they did not go in, and we know that forty years of wilderness wandering would be the consequence for their disobedience and unbelief.

We’ve learned a lot about temptation this month. We’ve soberly understood that we have an enemy who is actively opposed to God and His purposes for our lives. We’ve learned that temptation thrives on subtle deceptions and carefully hidden maneuvers. It’s not always immediately obvious when we’re facing temptation. Indeed, the only obvious fact is how fragile and spiritually weak we are.

But the good news—the gospel—is that God is for us, guaranteeing we get to the finish line. What a wonderful promise!

A great chasm stands between hearing God’s promises and claiming them, an abyss that can only be bridged by faith. Faith is our active response to the gospel.

Apply the Word

We want to be students of the Bible who not only hear the Word but also do what it says (cf. James 1:22–25). This month, if you’ve begun to recognize temptation traps, what precautions will you take to avoid them? If you’ve realized how much you’ve relying on self-effort, what spiritual practices will you apply to identify more with Jesus?

Pray with Us

This Easter Sunday as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, we remember the grace given to those under the blood of the Lamb, and we praise God for freedom from sin given to us through Jesus’ sacrifice.